Expedited Apostille Services for FDA Export Certificates

United States Apostille provides this website to help U.S. corporations expedite the apostille process of FDA export certificates. We guarantee the best price and the fastest processing time.
U.S. export companies are asked by foreign importers to provide a certification for products subject to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. The FDA issues export certificates that contain information about the regulatory statues of a certain product.
The FDA issues export certification for human and animal drugs, biologics and devices that meet the applicable requirements of the Act and may be legally marketed in the United States or that may be legally exported but not marketed in the United States.
The FDA is not required to issue export certificates for food, feed additives, dietary supplements, or cosmetics. However, the FDA intends to continue issuing export certificates as resources permit.

Regular Service

United States Apostille can help you apostille your document by yourself from the US Department of State. Our system includes all required information and will help you fill the US Department of State Apostille form.

Expedited Service

We can help you expedite the apostille process from the US Department of State. Send us the original certificate along with your payment and FedEX return airway bill.

Apostille A Copy FDA

The FDA may take more than 3 weeks to issue an export certificate. In urgent situations, companies may need to apostille a true copy of an FDA document until the original certificate is processed through the FDA.