Apostille Specified Risk Materials of Bovine, Ovine and Caprine Origin Certificate

BSE/ TSE - Free Certificate

It is sometimes called a ( BSE- Free Certificate or TSE - Free certificate) used for the export of gelatin, cosmetic and personal care products that can be legally marketed in the United States.These certificates address concerns on raw material in regard to transmissible spongiform encephalopathies and they can be issued by the FDA- Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition or by the American Cosmetic Manufacturers Association (ACMA). Companies will need to obtain an apostille for a Specified Risk Material Certificate to be valid for use abroad. We can help you expedite the apostille process from the US Department of State within just 4 business days.

1. If you need to request a BSE/ TSE - Free Certificate from ACMA, click here. It costs $100.00 per certificate. No membership fees required.

Regular Apostille Service Expedited Apostille Service Apostille true copy

United States Apostille can help you apostille your document by yourself from the US Department of State. Our system includes all required information and will help you fill the US Department of State Apostille form.

We can help you expedite the apostille process from the US Department of State. Send us the original certificate along with your payment and FedEX return airway bill.
Your BSE- Free Certificate is issued by:
-ACMA            -The FDA

The FDA may take more than 3 weeks to issue an export certificate. In urgent situations, companies may need to apostille a true copy of an FDA document until the original certificate is processed through the FDA.

Fee US Department of State apostille fee:
Expedited fee:
$50.00 - without mailing fees
MD State apostille fee:
$50.00 without mailing fees
Processing Time 12 Business Days 4 business days One business day